The Old Tower..

In the deepest memory of my soul,
Stands a tower tall as a mighty wall,
Surrounded by shadows of dark clouds,
It’s here that the lightening strikes roaring loud,
In this tower is my holy grail,
My days and nights with you, the memories now weak and frail,
I shelter it from odds of all kinds,
I protect it from the wisdom of my own mind,
It is here that my love stands proud and unabashed,
In the deepest memory of my soul,
Stands this tower, old and battered but still unmatched.


Behold me in your eyes,

For I can see the beauty of the world through them,

Hold my hand tight,

For I feel secure in the strongest arms I have known,

Touch my forehead with your lips,

For I can feel the warmth of our closeness,

Walk by my side matching my every step,

For I can know what togetherness feels like,

Be with me always,

For I can bask in the beauty of “You”..


Little Pieces of Heart

Little pieces of my heart lying shattered on the ground,

Muffled voices , heavy sighs of the soul sobbing relentlessly without any sound,

I once knew a part of me that rejoiced every new day,

I once saw a face in the mirror where the happiness the eye would convey,

How can a person be held so important and dear,

How can one person instill so much faith in you to do anything impossible with no fear,

How can mourning for his loss make you feel that you’ve lost everything,

I hold close to my chest the beads of his memories tied together into a string,

They say when joined together can still form a mosaic, the Little pieces of my heart…

Is it that easy? I’ve waited so long, my pieces remain shattered, longing to be together again part by part..



In moments of despair,

The suffocating times when you can’t even breathe the air,

You see a halo somewhere far away,

But god’s will that binds you where you are everyday,

You feel like rushing towards the light that waits for you,

A sudden push that wants to break free from whatever you do,

Struggling to break the spell and choose a life you always wanted,

Finding the nectar that can release you into the heaven that your current hell daunted,

Is there a way you can find your way out?

A path that leads your way away from the loathsome life of doubt..

The Last Glance

That morning I walked to my usual joint,

To the top floor of an elevated building rendering a panoramic view point,

That morning when I surreptitiously left on the ground floor for you a magazine you endear,

You looked at it, gazed around the floor wondering if it was me, wondering if I was somewhere near,

You left it there, not wanting to carry anything that belongs to me,

I saw you walking away, walking at a distance , walking till you were a part of the crowd,

walking till the last step that i could see,

That last thread that joined us snapped, That was the last time I saw your face,

That was my last glance, that last memory of you sharing with me the same physical space ..


The Window..

There is a window in my house,
Overlooking a meadow bright and vast,
I can see the trees soaking the light into its roots through its leaves
I can see little children running and hopping around barefoot on the grass that feels soft,
I can see the warmth making their cheeks turn red and my heart mellow,
I can see the birds chirping and spreading their wings of freedom,
I can see the water crystal clear ,flowing into its lover’s chest..
I can see the beings outside breathe..
I can see this from where I am, inside, closed, still ,in a cold house
A house with a window to see everyone and everything else having what I don’t,
A house with no door to let me out into the world I long for,
There’s just the window..

A Journey to find myself

A dark forest, a bleak moonlight

I walk alone feeling lost with no respite,


I wonder if I’m going the right way,

Once lost you’ll remain lost forever they say,


I have my dreams , my passion and hope to give me company,

To fight the beastly enemies and the odds so many,


I like where I am, with no one to perturb my thoughts, with my soul at peace with its surroundings,

Where I can sing, whistle, talk to myself, do what I like, where I’m left content with my own feelings,


But I hear a howl somewhere, that shouts that I’ll be doomed and forlorn on this journey so convoluted,

I am unsure, I look around for a way out of this noise that’s shattering my calmness so deep rooted,


I wish I knew what I was doing was right,

For someone to tell me it will fall into the right place, just keep trying with all your might,

For a guardian angel with a God’s face to cover me in her cocoon and forever holds me tight.

Lightening in a Bottle..

Like a little capsule healing an entire body,

You walked into my life to nurture my soul;

Like lantern lighting up a dark cave,

You swooped into my heart with a brightness felt never before;

Like a smile that is so exuberant to show in one’s eyes,

You lighted up my face with sparkles I didn’t even know existed;

Like a halo to surround you in times of distress,

You held my hand to open the way to a lifetime of memories;

In words that can’t be expressed, you’ve changed me and my life with a touch as simple as a cuddle,

The life with you that I can carry, like a lightening in a bottle..


The wishful creatures

The mind is like a turtle, closed in its own shell and not budging no matter how much you trudge,
It will remain silent, curse itself, then all of a sudden swim around joyously and sleep under its shell,  having its own world,
The heart is a rat. It will go against the mind. Not listening to the constant warnings of the mind to not open itself like a book, it still does that,
It rats out what’s in the mind to anyone it considers worthy,
It has its own world too, one full of magic, one where it is constantly disappointed but the one where it is always resurrected by miracles..
The eyes are like peacocks, in the faint lights it will seem to be rejoicing,
Looking at some distant lightening it will show fear,
When in doubt, it will cry out loud only to be heard by those who hold you dear,
To them, they’re creatures of boundless expression,
To others, they are nothing but creatures that appeal to the senses
The creatures crave for different destinies but behave harmoniously to share a common soul,
While one falls the other picks up the pieces, and another brings them back together,
How do I manage my own dusky features..
What do I do with such wishful creatures..

I Wish..

A land with plantations till the end of where we can see,

A land where there are tall trees shading us throughout the lazy day,
A land where crickets, cries, sparrows and humming birds sing for us,
A land beyond which the sun sets behind a rising cliff,
The sun which leaves no colour’s  bright, round , and an amber that soothes the eyes
I watch the beautiful evening sun setting from the window of my lone standing house,
I wish I were on top of that cliff,
I wish I had you sitting by my side holding me close,
I wish I had seen the sun setting in our laps…
It would have been dusk in this world,
But in ours, it would have been the dawn of a new day, a new morning, a new beginning, a new era..
I wish..