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Swing that mood around!!

What should you do when you feel unusually sad someday for no apparent reason? This post talks about ways to handle your moody mood and swing it aside!

There are times when nothing spectacular happens. Yet, it somehow makes your day gloomy. You don’t feel like talking about it- because you yourself don’t know what is wrong! And your concentration takes a deep plunge!

10 ways to make your day better- in no particular order:

  1. Give yourself a dose of Music


Listen to an upbeat music. You won’t even feel like shaking your leg initially- agreed! But give it some time. Even if it doesn’t make you get up and tap your feet, it’ll make you feel better than what you were feeling before!

2. Snack on!


Chocolates/ice-cream/snacks, whichever person you are, go grab it, ahem! Grab them!!

3. Take a stroll


Go around, walk a bit. You may across something funny on the way or end up thinking about something to make you feel good. If nothing works, imagine situations that would make you laugh! This strategy works better if you’re kind of a soliloquist. (yay!! That’s me)

4. Time to remember a long lost friend!


Talk to a friend with a good sense of humor. No matter, what kind of person you are, there always is one person in your life who’ll tease you, make fun of you and drives you mad! Call him or her and give him the full opportunity to do that again.

5. ZZzzzzzzz


Sleep over it! If you are sleep addicted one, nothing will work better than snoozing for a while. By the time you wake up again, you’ll feel like it’s a start of a fresh day!

6. Indulge in a hobby


If you like to sketch, release your negative tensions on a sheet of paper. If you like to sing, hum something. If you like to dance, well…that’s tricky to do in a public place; but am sure we can find some lone corner where you can do that a bit! If you like to read, go for Wodehouse or even Mark Twain. If you like to write or keep a journal, pour your emotions out. If you like photography, go out and click something. Whatever is your passion, try doing it to take your mind off unnecessary dwellings in your mind.

7. Search for other distractions


Take a day off or leave early from work, go to a calm quiet place and let your mind rest. Sitting by the bay or a park, having a drink at an old Irish pub, meeting an old friend over dinner or spending more time with your family , watching a movie can be various options.

8. Shopping Spreee!


For all the pretty shopaholics, time to spend your money on clothes/footwear/accessories or books!

9. A small gesture goes a long way

helping hand

Try doing a good deed. Small or big- anything that makes a difference in someone else’s life definitely makes us feel better about our self. Helping someone cross the road or carry their load; giving lift to someone in need, food to a beggar or even a genuine smile to a passerby, makes a huge difference- to them and to you.

10. Last but never ever the least, kick someone’s ass!

kick ass

The next time you have a bad day, I hope something from the above helps. Drop your feedback if it does!!If someone around deliberately tries to mess with you, give them a piece of your mind! All the pent up frustrations will vanish in a jiffy!


The next time you have a bad day, I hope something from the above helps. Drop your feedback if it does!!


Margarita With a Straw


There are some movies which inspire us. Some which make us think. On the other hand, there are some which just makes our mind go blank! When the credits show in the end, we sit and wonder what hit us. We don’t feel like talking about it to anyone or share our experience. We dream about it at night. Replay some of the beautiful scenes in our mind again. Margarita with a straw was the just that type!

I first came to know of this movie when I read an article about it In Times of India. It said about how Kalki used to rehearse for it by being on the wheelchair every day for 2 hours without fail- to be able to enact a person suffering from cerebral palsy. When someone can be so dedicated, can the movie be bad?

Absolutely not!

Every little detail of this movie was just perfect- baked to the right extent. The whole movie is not just about Laila( Kalki Koechin). It is also about everyone who share her life with her. Be it her brother, her mother, her friend Dhruv , her father, her band at DU, her girlfriend Khanum or her foreigner crush Jared. Every single person had an important role- in making Laila realize her own importance.

Kalki looked gorgeous throughout! I have never seen her prettier! Positives of a break up? Not sure! Hats off to the makeup artist.

Revathy looked absolutely stunning too. And what a strong woman she has been portrayed as. I am amazed to see how directors these days depict woman as. If movies have even a tad bit of effect on our real life women, the world would be a much much better place to live! Her decisiveness, fighter spirit, acting as a support for her daughter who is, at many times, treated unfairly. And she has been extremely matured. When Laila confesses that she likes a guy at DU, she knows that it may not work out. But she lets her daughter feel what every other girl feels at her age. When she sees a porn site in Laila’s tab, she is annoyed- reacts like any other mother would. But everything was normal the next day!

When Laila tells her that Khanum is her girlfriend, she is taken back. But at the hospital, at her deathbed, she realizes that there is nothing called “Normal”. Normalcy is just over rated. What is organized for one is a chaos for someone else. What we associate our self to is what defines our Normal. With that, she gives Kalki a strength, to confront Khanum with the truth, to take a decision to stay back in India for now..and to be as strong as her mother was when she was alive!

I loved the way our Indianness was shown. Weighing the suitcase by weighing our own weight first and then with the suitcase, doubting the nurse when a gold chain goes missing, sticking bindis to the dressing table although they are never re-used, over packing when someone goes abroad.

Anything said or done by a person suffering from an illness is treated with pity in our country as if the person is not just physically challenged but also mentally challenged. As if they can’t be talented and everything done for them should be as sympathy. The contrast is shown in New York when the chess player notices Kalki is on a wheelchair but retorts the way he would have to any other human being when he says “you can watch but keep your mouth shut”. The moment when Kalki shows her finger on stage to the Jury was awesome.

Music throughout the movie was mind blowing.

The movie was all about the journey of a physically challenged lady, her relationship with her family and friends, her career aspirations, her sexual orientation, being from someone who is so hard on herself in the beginning to someone who accepts herself the way she is and finding happiness in that. By the end, the journey is as much ours as it was hers.

Hot Fuzz Movie Review

hot fuzz

Oh man!! I watched this movie with a totally different mindset. I knew it was a satire, on the conventional cop and action movies. But I didn’t estimate that it’ll be a spoof! And a really sad one indeed!

By the end of the movie, I thought, WTF is wrong with IMDB and Rotten Tomatoes! I know that I’m not yet a full-fledged movie buff having an eye for detail but I definitely do not qualify being among the other half mortals who watch movies mindlessly!

Anyways, coming to the movie, it was definitely funny in parts. The initial “How is your hand” scenes, Angel’s conversation with his masked wife, the chasing a shoplifter scene where Danny just dashes through the barriers, the kissing scene in Martin and Eve’s play and few others here and there. Other than that, there is nothing much to watch!

The only intended pun that was also delivered was in the end when Angel says “I feel like saying something heroic”, like it happens in every movie. That was funny!

*Spoiler alert*

Suspense? It isn’t exactly a twist. But the part where we initially believe that Danny is involved too…that does count as a “Twist”. The climax fight sequence, umm, how do I put it in a subtle way…was downright pathetic! I understand that as a spoof, you were to make unrealistic heroic moves to know how ridiculous some cop action movies are, but Edgar Wright’s version was umm…not funny exactly!

*End of spoiler*

Overall, the script is just forced. Anyways, if you are bored to death and you wish to watch something mindlessly, watch Hot Fuzz. Else, better to skip it!

Movie Review: Amadeus

I had read about Mozart long time back and I love music of the classical era. Mozart’s music is out of the world!

When I watched the movie, I thought it would talk about the success of Mozart as an artist. It took a different approach- depicting Mozart as a prodigy, a budding artist, a struggling artist and above all, a man who considered his music – his passion, above everything else. His love for his field was above his father, his birth place, his wife and children, although he wasn’t exactly shown as being detached from them. But a man who was a spendthrift, dangling between fun, friends and alcohol, his love for music was never lost. And he openly acknowledged the gift that had been bestowed on him.

Salieri on the other hand was shown as the mediocre artist, who initially marvelled at the thought of meeting the prodigy at Archbishop’s but is greatly disappointed when he feels that God’s gift is with someone who according to him doesn’t deserve it. His journey from revelation to disappointment to envy to realizing what a miraculous musician Mozart was, was brilliant! All this was amazingly packed in a 3 hour movie.

Though Salieri called himself a mediocre, I don’t think he was. The emperor probably was but not Salieri, because he may not have had the talent to create a musical piece surpassing divinity but he had the ear to recognize one. When the whole Vienna failed to hear from their hearts what their mind heard, Salieri knew exactly what a legend Mozart was and he knew that his work would outlive generations!

One thing the movie failed to establish –  the kid who is shown observing Mozart with Awe in the party which Mozart’s father Leopold attends, who none other than Beethoven. As per the biography of Mozart, Beethoven as a kid was hugely impressed and wanted to be his pupil. However, he couldn’t and finally learnt it from Salieri. This angle would have added even more grace to the movie – although it is just my own interpretation.

The part where Salieri asks Stanzee to come back alone at night if she wishes Mozart to have the position of Emperor’s niece’s tutor – I don’t know if it was true, but was great! It showed how a god fearing Salieri has crossed a line to achieve fame and not let Mozart have it- to be a sadist, have what Mozart has without any feel of guilt. The way he rejects Stanzee when she does come could be for two reasons-

  • A. Because he initially wanted to have her forcefully, to inflict pain to Mozart through this but when he sees that Stanzee has come willingly, he loses interest in the act altogether. Beautifully shown.
  • B. Though he transitions to a non-believer of God at this point, he still believed in music. I guess at some level he realized he need not stoop to this level and rather confront Mozart directly and be a stern competitor and not a coward. I’m not sure if this is what Milos Forman wanted to show too.

The way the movie started with Salieri’s attempted suicide to the confession and how it proceeds to flashback and ends with reality again was beautiful- though nothing new. Performance of Tom Hulce and Abraham Murray was outstanding! Everything from Joy, innocence, envy, hatred, love, vengeance, pity, lust , love for money, helplessness connected with the audience, at multiple levels and that’s exactly what a great movie should have done!

Something worth mentioning is the piece of music in every scene. It adds to what the character felt and it resonates in what we feel. More importantly, we listen to the artist’s work when the movie shows how it wasn’t being as appreciated as it should have. It was like living in two parallel worlds. Similarly, during the climax, Mozart is buried (rather tossed into) in mass graveyard and we listen to his Requiem in the background- symbolic of the last work of the legendary artist.

This movie is definitely something I would recommend everyone to watch- at least the people who enjoy music and art as much as I do!

A pinch of love, anyone?

chick lit

I recently read an article on the internet on whether reading chick lit is dangerous for us- chick lit a dangerous passion?

The writer correctly said that like all real life stories, the book has a similar story line, similar issues with a difference that come what may, everything is happy and gay in the book. So, despite the bizarre tragedies that we face in our own life, the author would continue reading chick lits as it makes her happy- although it is short term; not to forget happy for some fictional character!!

My take- I’ve never been a fan of chick lit. Fan??? I ask, well, honestly, I hate them!

I can’t even stand the smell of a romantic book or even an overly romantic movie for that matter. Perhaps that’s because I’ve never read any till date thinking I won’t like them. I do like love stories which honestly touch your heart. Movies like PS I love you, A walk to remember , which, as per critics were not good or probably bad adaptations of their respective book, surprisingly I liked them! Reason being that they were simple stories, no flattery, no flashy lines , everything was normal just like our lives and the love was shown to be pure.

Personally, love hasn’t had any luck with me. I’ve been through my share of heartaches( Ouch! Still hurts!!) and heartbreaks and the trying to stick them back with Fevicol and then the disappointment and dejection followed by a fit of rage and a phase of total rebel blah blah and what not! Would I disagree that a chick novel does make you feel that in the end everything will be alright? No, really not. It gives you a hope- that things will get better. And who doesn’t like to be given hope. Afterall, hope is a good thing. And no good thing ever dies!

Such is life!! While in the book, the “happy ending” is when the protagonist finds love again or gets back his/her love or maybe makes better of his life by moving on. Don’t you think the same happens to us? Realistically speaking, in over 90% of the cases, the getting back together with your lost love won’t happen. But the moving on….happens every time- Takes a while, take a long long while perhaps, but the closure inevitably happens. Some even find new and better counterparts again and feel blessed for going through the whole deal of crap because that’s what lead them to this new love interest.

A romantic novel might in a way lead you to set high standards and expectation for your life. It may either make you more matured so as to not fall for silly pitfalls again or it can make you so stupid to drag you into one. But, the bottom line is we do get up again and start life afresh, live it again, commit mistakes again, learn and move on!

What I’m saying is, reading itself is a hobby that takes you to a different world all together. A chick lit or a science fiction or a spiritual book or a Wodehouse Wooster-Jeeves ride; whatever it is, you can’t categorize any of them to cause danger to you. If you can deal with realism and accept fact and fiction with an open mind, go for it. Else, Reading itself is a threat you have to develop a taste for!

Start of the road, 11th Apr 2015

Aaaaand my creative journey starts today! I’m not sure what I’m going to do with this page or why I even am here…but I always had this desire to have my own page, write whatever comes to my mind! It isn’t for publicity, though I would love to have a handful of followers someday, but as of now, I have no clue what to write! Signing off for today 🙂