A pinch of love, anyone?

chick lit

I recently read an article on the internet on whether reading chick lit is dangerous for us- chick lit a dangerous passion?

The writer correctly said that like all real life stories, the book has a similar story line, similar issues with a difference that come what may, everything is happy and gay in the book. So, despite the bizarre tragedies that we face in our own life, the author would continue reading chick lits as it makes her happy- although it is short term; not to forget happy for some fictional character!!

My take- I’ve never been a fan of chick lit. Fan??? I ask, well, honestly, I hate them!

I can’t even stand the smell of a romantic book or even an overly romantic movie for that matter. Perhaps that’s because I’ve never read any till date thinking I won’t like them. I do like love stories which honestly touch your heart. Movies like PS I love you, A walk to remember , which, as per critics were not good or probably bad adaptations of their respective book, surprisingly I liked them! Reason being that they were simple stories, no flattery, no flashy lines , everything was normal just like our lives and the love was shown to be pure.

Personally, love hasn’t had any luck with me. I’ve been through my share of heartaches( Ouch! Still hurts!!) and heartbreaks and the trying to stick them back with Fevicol and then the disappointment and dejection followed by a fit of rage and a phase of total rebel blah blah and what not! Would I disagree that a chick novel does make you feel that in the end everything will be alright? No, really not. It gives you a hope- that things will get better. And who doesn’t like to be given hope. Afterall, hope is a good thing. And no good thing ever dies!

Such is life!! While in the book, the “happy ending” is when the protagonist finds love again or gets back his/her love or maybe makes better of his life by moving on. Don’t you think the same happens to us? Realistically speaking, in over 90% of the cases, the getting back together with your lost love won’t happen. But the moving on….happens every time- Takes a while, take a long long while perhaps, but the closure inevitably happens. Some even find new and better counterparts again and feel blessed for going through the whole deal of crap because that’s what lead them to this new love interest.

A romantic novel might in a way lead you to set high standards and expectation for your life. It may either make you more matured so as to not fall for silly pitfalls again or it can make you so stupid to drag you into one. But, the bottom line is we do get up again and start life afresh, live it again, commit mistakes again, learn and move on!

What I’m saying is, reading itself is a hobby that takes you to a different world all together. A chick lit or a science fiction or a spiritual book or a Wodehouse Wooster-Jeeves ride; whatever it is, you can’t categorize any of them to cause danger to you. If you can deal with realism and accept fact and fiction with an open mind, go for it. Else, Reading itself is a threat you have to develop a taste for!


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