Swing that mood around!!

What should you do when you feel unusually sad someday for no apparent reason? This post talks about ways to handle your moody mood and swing it aside!

There are times when nothing spectacular happens. Yet, it somehow makes your day gloomy. You don’t feel like talking about it- because you yourself don’t know what is wrong! And your concentration takes a deep plunge!

10 ways to make your day better- in no particular order:

  1. Give yourself a dose of Music


Listen to an upbeat music. You won’t even feel like shaking your leg initially- agreed! But give it some time. Even if it doesn’t make you get up and tap your feet, it’ll make you feel better than what you were feeling before!

2. Snack on!


Chocolates/ice-cream/snacks, whichever person you are, go grab it, ahem! Grab them!!

3. Take a stroll


Go around, walk a bit. You may across something funny on the way or end up thinking about something to make you feel good. If nothing works, imagine situations that would make you laugh! This strategy works better if you’re kind of a soliloquist. (yay!! That’s me)

4. Time to remember a long lost friend!


Talk to a friend with a good sense of humor. No matter, what kind of person you are, there always is one person in your life who’ll tease you, make fun of you and drives you mad! Call him or her and give him the full opportunity to do that again.

5. ZZzzzzzzz


Sleep over it! If you are sleep addicted one, nothing will work better than snoozing for a while. By the time you wake up again, you’ll feel like it’s a start of a fresh day!

6. Indulge in a hobby


If you like to sketch, release your negative tensions on a sheet of paper. If you like to sing, hum something. If you like to dance, well…that’s tricky to do in a public place; but am sure we can find some lone corner where you can do that a bit! If you like to read, go for Wodehouse or even Mark Twain. If you like to write or keep a journal, pour your emotions out. If you like photography, go out and click something. Whatever is your passion, try doing it to take your mind off unnecessary dwellings in your mind.

7. Search for other distractions


Take a day off or leave early from work, go to a calm quiet place and let your mind rest. Sitting by the bay or a park, having a drink at an old Irish pub, meeting an old friend over dinner or spending more time with your family , watching a movie can be various options.

8. Shopping Spreee!


For all the pretty shopaholics, time to spend your money on clothes/footwear/accessories or books!

9. A small gesture goes a long way

helping hand

Try doing a good deed. Small or big- anything that makes a difference in someone else’s life definitely makes us feel better about our self. Helping someone cross the road or carry their load; giving lift to someone in need, food to a beggar or even a genuine smile to a passerby, makes a huge difference- to them and to you.

10. Last but never ever the least, kick someone’s ass!

kick ass

The next time you have a bad day, I hope something from the above helps. Drop your feedback if it does!!If someone around deliberately tries to mess with you, give them a piece of your mind! All the pent up frustrations will vanish in a jiffy!


The next time you have a bad day, I hope something from the above helps. Drop your feedback if it does!!


About Maya

Bored of the tedium and tired of the rut, I look for shelter in my imaginary hut; Behind these veils of propriety and decorum, I desperately seek a liberating forum; In my words and humor you'll find fire But beware and warned, It's all just Maya! Come, see my world through my window..

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