Ankhon Dekhi


I had watched this movie when it was released in 2013. It had limited release, so bunked work on a Wednesday to watch it in Cineplex! I’ve recommended this movie to a lot of people, some of them who watched and loved it too!

I love Rajat Kapoor as an actor, director and best as a screenwriter, though I’ve seen less movies/theatre written by him. Nonetheless, it touches not just your heart but your soul! Nothing like Lear was just amazing- what a fantastic adaptation of the King Lear play, with brilliant performance by Vinay Pathak. I was amazed to see how much one single person can do to a great script with perfect expression, lighting, sound and direction. I wish to write and direct a play myself sometime!

I’ve made it a point to watch some other works of his- Mithya, Tarana, Hypnothesis and private Detective. Can probably relate to him more and see how he has evolved as an artist.

Coming to Ankhon Dekhi, calling it a movie itself is an insult to it. It is rather a fine piece of art. You can watch it, experience it and savor it. It is one of those movies in which you sit through the credits in the end and wait till the Cineplex people drive you out. While it sometimes happens due to music effect or just comfort, with Ankhon Dekhi it happens because you go so deep into the character that it leaves you shaken for a while.

Rajat Kapoor always likes to showcase some subtle emotion which everyone goes through in their lives- we just think it is so trivial to even think about it again.

Doesn’t it happen that they we listen to rumors and base our action on it? Doesn’t it happen that we realize it was a mistake and tell our self that next time we won’t believe anyone else? Yet, we repeat it again. Ankhon Dekhi is about a wise man who doesn’t repeat his mistake. He decides that truth is only what he believes in, believes by experiencing it and not because someone says it is so! Subtle isn’t it?

Subtle, simple yet something none of us have thought before.

It would be unfair if I give away any spoilers in this review. I’ll keep it simple.

Bauji’s daughter is very dear to him. Probably he took the “Experiencing the truth” philosophy so seriously because it happened through her. Happened because the situation was important to her life and so important to Bauji too. I loved the way little things were shown. Love affair of a daughter, loving relation with brother, complications in a family when the ladies get selfish, endearing equation with wife, role of a friend circle or in this case, we say people who follow Bauji’s ideologies. Although the script revolves around Bauji, it is made sure that we are given beautiful insights of others. Rishi’s family, Ajju and Rita, Seema and chichi; you know each of their point of view! Flow from one scene to the other was continuous. We never feel disturbed- it is like we are absorbed by the story.

The emotional breakdown of Rishi Chacha at the wedding when he realizes his fault and the consequences of his decision on Bauji’s life, it stirs you as well.

The climax was just perfect. Throughout the movie, I expected something to happen- during gambling, on the wedding; I kept expecting a twist somewhere. That’s how mediocre our minds have become!

I was wondering how this movie is going to end. Experiencing flying above the clouds with a fine classical music in background was a great way to do that. We as audience are left to stare at the screen, not in disbelief but in awe!

Hats off to Rajat Kapoor and everyone who had been a part of this venture- this work would have been incomplete if even a single person was left out!


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