Midnight in Paris

Ridiculous as it may sound, but this is my first Woody Allen movie and the experience was amazing- very enriching indeed. I knew absolutely nothing about the movie, if it was a love story or a comedy or fantasy or a thriller, I just wanted to start on a blank slate. Soon after I watched this, I also saw Annie Hall. People say these are 2 of Allen’s best movies! And I wanted to see which is better before I write a review on either! Personally, both had its own creative angles, but MIP worked better for me.


I always imagined Paris to be kind of a romantic place, where people should go with their better halves- or someone whom they consider to be their better halves!! This movie inspired me to go and walk the streets of Paris alone! It seemed more romantic than any other notion that I had in my mind.

The movie starts with just voice overs about Paris being beautiful in rain etc…when the credits roll, and then you see Gil and Inez walking on a bridge. I think it is great to start a movie like that. You try to build an image in the viewer’s mind with just dialogues- and then it gets superimposed with what the director wants us to see.

Throughout , I kept imagining that there will be some twist- that Owen Wilson will wake up thinking it is just a dream or that it is all an illusion. But what a marvellous creative mind Woody Allen has. Travelling back in time and then going further back- seems like Inception but in a literary and real world!

” Out of the past” – a nostalgia shop, the name itself is heart rending. I personally am a person storing little things either in the back of my head or heart or somewhere in my closet like a dried flower or a leaf or a sea shell. Things that hold value to me. And old antique things have always intrigued me. And if I have a shop to buy those? Voila! What an amazing thing it would be.

I loved the pair of Gil and Inez in Wedding crashers. This time they didn’t have any chemistry- that is how it was intended to be. Women in Allen movies, like I heard, are strong headed. Know what they want, know the kind of man they would want to take and when everything ends, they simply brush it aside like nothing happened. Be it Inez or Adriana- parting away with Gil for both was like stroke of a knife. Cut it and get it done with! But seriously, Wow!! I wish things in real life happened that easily.

 Scenes with Dali and Rhinoceros!, pedantic comments of Paul etc. were quite funny. But for me the best scene would in the end, where Gil says “Hi!!” to a lady, and we have a gap for 3-4 seconds that keeps us wondering Who the hell is she!! Although, we have a fair idea that it could be Gabrielle, but it is never for sure. It gives you a moment of suspense in a otherwise Fantasy cum drama movie.

If you look at all visionaries’ work, there will be one thing in common- a man with a passion, a girlfriend who is a total misfit, a lady you meet somewhere down the down who’s just amazing , a messy breakup with someone and a sudden realization of something in the end. Strange, but even with that, Allen manages to create something great.

The movie has everything you would want- Romance, comedy, drama, imagination and a beautiful backdrop- who wouldn’t love it?  Watch it to experience it.


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