The beautiful Bengal backdrop with the wonderful Mathura Nagar pati song – what an amazing start to a great script!


Everything in this movie was kept simple. Dusty roads, small house, mellow lightings, simplistic attire and what a performance by both Aishwarya and Ajay Devgan. In fact, you probably cannot even move your eyes off Aishwarya. She has so much grip on you that you kind of lose yourself in her pain, or her happiness that she tries to project initially. Her beauty with makeup is well known, but she looked so different yet charming in this flick- was a treat to watch.

Every tiny detail- silk sari but dressed clumsily, hair not being combed properly, Ajay Devgan’s poverty and hence his habit to not put on lights or use geyser- minute things which help you absorb the character as they are shown; forgetting what we popularly know them as.

Every time Ajay counters Aishwarya with a question, she has only one answer “ Ameer hone ka yehi to pirablem hai” , it was funny yet as the movie progresses, it pricks you in the heart. The way scenes were cut and the next starts, though not continuous, but it was seamless. It gives you time to let the frame sink in. The way it was merged with a parallel story from the past thus explaining the present was beautiful. The scenes blended with meaningful songs were the best part. The music was great, the lyrics were even better!

When the movie starts, you don’t know how it would go. You know that the characters are sad, but even if you didn’t, you’ll notice it- such was the brilliance of the act. Annu Kapoor does his part well- the pain in the ass owner with his sarcastic remarks but a “none of my business as long as I have money” attitude was well portrayed.

After Niru comes back with food for Mannu and we notice that the gold chain around her neck is missing, we probably expect her to have pawned it to get money for the food. But we know the real reason in the climax!

The end just blows your mind. It doesn’t show anyone or anything. They don’t show the expression of Ajay devgan, they don’t show Aishwarya’s side of the truth at all. The only thing we see is the theatre rental man who replaces the antique furniture in the house- and you’re left to ponder at the beauty and misery of their relation!

Rituparno Ghosh, Hats off!


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  1. Omg this seems very…delicious! I have heard of this movie before but never got around to watch it. Your review makes it all the more enticing! You write beautifully! And did you know that this was inspired by a short story by O.Henry?

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  2. Thanks Uday! You should definitely watch it. Gift of the Magi was the O Henry story. While you’re at it, you should also try watching Lootera, if you’ve not seen it already. That’s also based on O Henry story, The last leaf. Lootera is even more beautiful!! 🙂


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