Piku- a breath of fresh air!! It does what Homi Adajania would have meant to do with Finding Fanny. But alas! FF didn’t have an impact even close to Piku.

A wonderful blend of comedy, emotion and….how to miss motion; without which nothing would have been the same- the human body or the movie!

pikuWhen I stayed in Mumbai, I heard that AB’s fans used to stand outside his house Pratiksha morning and evening just to get a glimpse of him. I used to think that sure he’s a great actor but why so much hype!  From Silsilay to Sholay to Pa to Shamitabh to Piku, the man has proved his worth, that he deserves every ounce of affection and respect poured by his fans from all over the world! He just steals the show in Piku- in every frame!

Deepika, as always, bold and beautiful, has perfectly enacted the role of an independent and matured woman who efficiently handles her personal and professional frustrations without having anyone to her rescue!

And then comes the rescue man- Irrfan Khan- someone who understands the mad family to induce an element of laughter and get them their much needed peace of mind. This guy can do wonders to anything he acts in. Comedy is something that comes naturally to someone. It is never acted! Just his one look can make you laugh. A tiny tear in the corner of his eye can make you feel bad for him. And his gentle smile can melt a woman’s heart.

Piku’s equation would be incomplete without Balendra Singh aka Budhan! What a beauty! Every frame with him is different because he made a difference to it, by his body language or his dialogue.

First things first, loved the caption of the movie! The name of movie itself contributes to half the curiosity generated in an audience. Be it Vicky Donor or Piku, Shoojit hits the Bull’s eye. The credits with the red bindi for I was eye catching. It made sure I attentively read all the names! And the Sitar in the background was oh so pleasing.

Subtle jokes on motion- never got boring! In fact, you kept waiting for their next pun. Tying the toilet chair on the car, calling it “Singhasan”, AB blaming the maid for stealing Phenyl and making her clean the washroom 3 times, analogy between eating like a cow and cow dung etc were bitingly funny!! The “sssss” sound effect scene was hilarious! Almost the entire theatre was heard laughing then!

Juhi Chaturvedi- the script writer for Piku as well as Vicky donor deserves our appreciation here!

Some of the dialogues that were just fantastic were the below two- made me sit and clap!

1. Begali ka ek per to waise bhi Calcutta mein hi hota hai!

2. Death and Shit, can come anytime

Throughout the movie, you sense a tension between Piku and Mr. Bhaskor Banerjee. Tension from the hyper behaviour yet an affection that a daughter feels for her father to never let him fail. Though bengali accent really really suits AB, occasionally it did sound fake on Deepika. However, doesn’t let us down as such.

The angle at which the interval was announced was quite good. You kind of sit and think what is going to happen next! Although you know it is going to be an insignificant part of the movie, yet we expect something to come out of it.

Some of the best scenes were those when they vent out their anger. Be it Irrfan in the car when he says ” Bhoj hote to Dilli mein baithe hote” or where Deepika shouts at AB right at the end, it makes you stare at the big screen and feel the pain the characters are feeling too!

I loved the way there was no unnecessary melodrama in anything. Light flirting, depicting emotions with just eyes, no loud crying over death- but then Begalis aren’t really the loudest of the crowd anyways. It is this contrast that is shown in Irrfan’s family!

The climax was quite predictable given that AB mentions early in the movie, that the day he has a good motion is when he’ll die peacefully! But it was still filmed beautifully. Changing the name plate, playing badminton and leaving everything else to viewer’s deduction was a great way to end Piku.

Coming to songs, Anupam Roy has done a wonderful job. Bezubaan is indeed one of the best tracks in this album. the music does seem repetitive. It is probably difficult to differentiate between 1-2 songs unless you identify them with the lyrics! Nonetheless, Good job!!

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie!!


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  1. Nice observation regarding the contrast between Piku’s and Rana’s families. I didn’t know that Bengali’s aren’t the loudest lot. But yes, even I liked how muted the entire aftermath was. I thought Deepika was amazing in that scene, when she sees AB lifeless on the bed. And I liked how the movie ended where it ended! And how quickly grief turns to laughter when it is revealed that Syed suffers from constipation too! 😀

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  2. Hey maya, Thanks for liking my post that introduced me to your blog review on Piku as well. Very well written unlike a few others I read where they just summarise the story. Looking forward to read more:)

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