Bombay Velvet

I’m not sure if I should start writing this review now. My own thoughts about this movie aren’t very coherent. I’ll still attempt. Will probably come back and edit as and when my mind wakes up probably.


I won’t go to an extent to call it one of the masterpieces by Kashyap, given brilliant movies like Wasseypur or Gulal. But it wasn’t a bad attempt. The movie had its own pluses and minuses and minus pulled down the audience expectation so much that it faltered at Box Office.


1. Brilliant background score- classy jazz . Top notch drums esp when in the climax, Ranbir enters Bombay Velvet and executes a fight sequence with 2 guns. Gives you goosebumps!

2. Quality performances- Every actor did his part wonderfully. Anushka with her “dhadam dhadam” song, her ravishing gowns and awesome expressions takes your heart away. Ranbir as a bad ass street fighter with a fire in his belly to become a “Big Shot” and a staunch lover of Rosy aka Anushka was marvellous as always. Everyone else, ( except maybe Karan Johar) acts perfectly well.

3. Stunning Visuals- Needless to say, anyone who has seen the movie would agree with me here! The cinematographer has done a good job. The movie is worth a watch in theatres probably for the visual and music alone!

4. Strong content though executed poorly- A young boy with a bad childhood strives to become a big man. A girl with a beautiful voice runs away from a Portuguese to Bombay for better prospects. A socialist media person, a corrupt minister and a communist. A digestible plot.

5. A classy name- I have always considered name of the movie to be a crucial factor in luring your viewers. Bombay velvet sure adds a zing to the movie!


1. The initial character sketch helps the audience connect with the actors. The journey of growing up in bad circumstances for both Balraj and Rosy was missing. You just see a series of disconnected scenes following one after another and finally to a scene where the actual movie for us begins- The scene from “The Big Shot”.

2. Dialogues not having the Kashyap Punches or humour – While I liked certain lines like when Ranbir says Itne pyaar se maa ne apun ko double roti nahi di, ye paisa de raha- it makes you laugh indeed. But the ease of humour wasn’t up to the mark. Lines were being delivered, supposed to make it sound funny, especially the ones from Karan Johar, but the audience was quite mum!

3. Predictable unnecessary part of the plot- There were portions of the movie which were totally uncalled for. The double role of Rosy, probably any sane policeman can make that out easily given the 2 sisters weren’t twins even as per a picture!

I wouldn’t dismiss this movie as Not even worth watching, however, you can probably wait till the television screens it.


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  1. Thank you, I was excited for this movie but the reviews were so underwhelming that I didn’t know if I should watch it on screen. But now, maybe I’ll hold off!

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