This is the first Marathi movie that I’ve seen. Unlike Tollywood, kollywood etc, Marathi movie still falls under the typical “regional” movie banner that gives you a different kind of feel as opposed to a Tamil Telugu or a Kannada movie. The characters are grounded and the plot moves simply around a generic motif. I am yet to watch Fandry and Court. Will watch and post the reviews soon!


Deool is a very down to earth and honest attempt to capture the blind faith that people have for divinity and the corruption in the system that it gives rise to. the movie was released in 2011. Sure, OMG! Oh My God also did highlight certain aspects like this in 2012. But, Deool never questions the faith. I liked how the movie is centered around individual beliefs, never commenting conclusively on existence/ non existence of an Omnipotent force. however, it highlights the bad development or the so called progress that we call in the name if this faith.

Wonderfully written as well as acted by Kesha ( Girish Kulkarni), this movie is based in a village called Mangrul. Nana Patekar is a local politician who has certain visions for putting Mangrul on the path to progress, however, gives in to the pressure by higher officials from Mumbai and soon loses sight of it since getting in more money and fame is all that concerns everyone. He has a group of ambitious entourage to handle all the side business.

Storyline-> Kesha one day has a divine revelation and innocently tells everyone about it in the village. religious people believed while others brushed it off. Anna, played by Dilip Prabhavalkar, who is the eldest and respected in Mangrul, advises him to not tell anyone about it and faith is something personal to each. However, since everyone already knew about it, a local journalist publishes it in paper for financial gains. The village soon gets engulfed by followers and visitors, people sending out tenders for Pooja shops, singers using Bollywood music for devotional songs, construction of a big temple and roads etc.

While the initial development makes everyone happy, they get short sighted as no one talks about making schools or hospitals or anything for the convenience of the villagers themselves. From aspiring politicians to village Sarpanch to MLA, everyone is busy making the most money. Anna, being the wisest, points this out multiple times, but finally gives up and leaves for Bangalore to stay with his family.  There was the one conversation when Anna rebukes Bhau, telling him what kind of development is this when everywhere there is illegal business. To this, Bhau ( Nana) replies, Law is on one side, we are on the other, All devotees in between. Don’t worry, it will work out fine. It was kind of a sad truth. That is how God and people use each other!

Being a village, little things were beautifully shown, Kesha attached to his cow Karde, talking to her like a father does to a daughter; naughty moments between Nana Patekar and Sonali Kulkarni; Lady Sarpanch being the powerless face of the village; group of boys enjoying local porn; the melodrama created when someone falls ill etc shows how life in a village is.

The script had elements of crude Satire, using All is well song as a Guru Dutta song, Trying to make Mc Aloo Tikki at home, creating web page with “e-Worship” icon, Nana Patekar trying to pick up soil for blessings realizing that the ground all over is now cemented, the God and Bhau fearing Sarpanch openly accepting bribes etc

Kesha is the one to realize the ill effects of what is going on. The death of his cow and no one lets him inside since the minister is on a temple visit, the scene was quite emotional. probably something animal lovers can relate to. When kasha gets angry at her mother for not even visiting the temple any longer, she coolly says who will take care of the shop if she goes in to worship.  The one line from Kesha makes a huge impact- ” Everyone wanted a temple, but now Noone wants to go inside to worship”

The guest appearance of Nasiruddin Shah was a great idea. How when the only person helping him was the one with the purest of hearts, how when he says he is a dacoit, gives Kesha his way! In a way, proves that one who has faith, over anything, will always stick to it.

The climax was beautifully portrayed. Kesha immersing one idol in river Seena and bhau replacing the lost idol with another. A lesson to all that things will go on as it has been and that change has to be brought about by everyone. One person can’t change the faith of all!


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