This is the second Marathi movie that I’ve seen and is my directorial debut by Nagraj Manjule. I came across this movie while I was searching for Deool and since this was received quite good reviews, I thought I would give it a try.

If Deool was about showing a serious issue with humor, Fandry portrays a social stigma on a very serious note. It does have a humor quotient but you seldom laugh. You’ll either smile at the innocence of the character or sit upright as if something has just pricked you hard!


The movie stars new characters- new to me atleast. And they do their job brilliantly. Jabhya ( Somnath Awghade), the young boy struggling to live a normal life beyond the discriminations that pull him down every time. His friend Priya( Suraj Pawar), Kachru(Kishor Kadam) and eveyone else has done their job really well.

Fandry ( means a Pig in Marathi) is about the very popular caste system in India, quite prevalent even today in many villages. One good thing about the movie is that it is never set in a serious tone. The story is coupled with a love story and every scene of hard work, toiling, embarrassment is shown in connection with it.

We get a glimpse of what this movie is going to be in the initial scenes when a mother calls out to her son saying ” The untouchable’s son is here”.

Working class parents or how we here call them, 2 Shudras , earning a pittance yet educating their son and arranging a hefty dowry for their daughter’s marriage, getting them new but cheap clothes from village fair,  showed how everyone in our society strives for a quality life at least for their coming generations.

Kishore Kadam ( Kachru- is the name symbolic??), we pity him at multiple occasions. he complains of Knee trouble but everyone expect him to run after and catch pigs which are a menace to them. And he does it everytime for money! Can you imagine someone expecting a man to kill Pigs a day before his daughter’s marriage? And when he responds that he alone can’t do it, he is suggested to take along his entire family! The man, his wife, his son and two daughters including the one having Fresh henna on her hands. Doesn’t that sound ridiculous- but that is how our society is! I wonder if that is how even I am?? I generally am not a fan of movies that try to arouse Pity, but Fandry was different. It showed reality. Pity was just our guilty conscience!

I would have preferred if the movie was named after the black sparrow symbolizing hope, rather than naming it after a reality. But guess Nagraj didn’t have that intention. It was to show us the stark truth.

There were multiple scenes that come across as shocking reality especially towards the end. the whole catching of swine while the school and other crowd watches- you can feel a tension throughout. The uploading of pic on FB making fun of Jabhya’s family, the respectfully standing for national anthem while they could have instead caught the pig, how everyone enjoys the whole scene as if it were a Polo sport,  was a slap on the face of the state of affairs we are currently in. The part where Jabhya was almost about to hit the black sparrow when his father comes chasing a pig- ironically, true!  That is how their dreams come crashing down with what we make them go through.

The climax was a highlight. After what they show, one would expect the family to accept their family. However, Jabhya fights back and the ending scene with the stone being thrown right at the camera, or right at us if I put it that way, was a brilliant move by Nagraj Manjule.  All said, the music and background was very soothing. It is always difficult to make a movie on a social issue staying in the limits of entertainment and without crossing the line into boredom.

Fandy was a concept well executed!

Now the one Marathi flick left to watch and review is Court. Will share it soon.


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  1. Wow..your reviews make me wanna watch Marathi films! The only one I’ve seen so far is Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai and it was pretty good!!


    • Was it? I have to watch that too I guess. Add Court too to your list. It was released in Chennai April last week but didn’t last long for me to go watch! It received rave reviews. Btw, you’ve seen Lootera?(the hindi one)


      • Mumbai-Pune-Mumbai is a nice conversational movie, something akin to Before Sunrise. I loved the performances too. And yes I do have to watch Court, I did see it released here but couldn’t make time to go watch it.

        And Lootera, yes, it’s a lovely movie!! It can feel a bit slow at times but I was awed by petty much everything! I don’t usually like Ranveer or Sonakshi but they did a pretty good job here. And of course, the wonderful music by Amit Trivedi 🙂


      • Something like Before Sunrise?? ( Adding to list IMMEDIATELY!! ) 🙂 Yes, Lootera was slow but the pace kind of added to the serenity. I kind of started liking Sonakshi only after this movie! Amit Trivedi is probably one of the best music directors in Bollywood these days..

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