Movie Review- Casablanca

“Here’s looking at you kid.”. This line is gonna stay with me for a long time. And every time I hear it, I won’t skip imagining Bogart and Ingrid.


Casablanca is a classic romantic drama from the 1940s by Michael Curtiz, starring Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid and other supporting cast.

This is my first Curtiz/Bogart/Ingrid movie. The old classics have something different. Even though the scenes, plot and dialogues are cliché, you always fall in love with the characters. And more importantly, you somehow feel accomplished for having watched the movie.

The screen presence of Bogart and Ingrid was magnificent, be it stand alone or together. The tough rugged looks of Bogart complemented by the heart melting smile and glowing eyes of Ingrid Bergman.

Rick Blaine( Bogart) owns a nightclub and a gambling place to which all sorts of people come. Agents, expats, refugees looking to go to Lisbon, police, high end customers. Rick is accompanied by the pianist Sam who has been with him since the days of Paris. Rick is an American expat and has been fleeing the Gestapo for various ambiguous reasons- left open for the judgement of viewers.

Victor Lazslo(Paul Henreid)  is a Czech Resistance leader who is on the run, trying to reach the neutral US along with his wife and former lover of Rick, Ilsa Lund ( Ingrid bergman).

The best scenes of the movie for me were those shared by Richard and Ilsa.  The one scene where Ilsa looks at Sam and says. “Play it Sam, for old times’ sake, Play As time goes by” and then Sam plays the Oh so wonderful tune- is one scene stays stays in my mind even now.

As time goes by is such a beautiful tune- the music was used throughout the movie in background and you just never get tired of it. I kept playing it in my head even after the movie got over!

Bogart in Casablanca, famous for his ” Of all the Gin Joints in all of towns in all of world, she had to walk into mine!” was phenomenal. It makes an impact as soon as he says it. Ilsa is shown to be the reason for Rick’s indifference and bitterness shown in the initial scenes of the movie. And running into the reason was overwhelming and disturbing at the same time for him.  The point were Ilsa returns to the club at night and Rick frowns ” Does your Story have a WOW ending?”, you end up laughing and quickly realising the feelings of a hurt man. It is contradicting but that’s the beauty of it. A similar contrast is noticed when Rick says ” Oh It’s Richard, so we’re back in Paris” or  ” I won’t bring up Paris; It’s poor salesmanship”  to Ilsa when she tries to convince him to help her and Victor get to Lisbon.

His personal struggle to retain Ilsa this time, Ilsa’s love for Victor and affection for Rick; her pretension of love towards Rick even now is subtle yet very clear. It isn’t just the expressions that give this away. The ” I’m not fighting for anything any more, except myself. I’m the only cause I’m interested in.” or ”  I don’t know what’s right any longer. You have to think for both of us, for all of us.” have the undertone written all over it.

The point where Ilsa confronts saying Rick, you’re selfish, a coward and immediately checks her emotion , holding back her tears saying  So sorry Rick, you’re our only hope; was filmed so beautifully. Your heart reaches out to the brilliant actor instantaneously.

The climax was as expected- won’t disclose it here any ways! But the one line “Problems of three people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world” followed by the legendary Here’s looking at you Kid was the best way to end it.

Apologies for giving out whole dialogues in this review, but these are just a few which according to me were some of the best written lines in the movie. Couldn’t help but share it!!


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