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Daily Quote-32

“Never mind what others do; Do better than yourself, beat your own record from day to day, and you are a success.”

-William J.H. Boetcker

Now this is something that I lack. I generally tend to get a bit competitive- what’s the harm in a healthy competition. However, you tend to lose sight of your goal while competing. Speaking from experience, I skip improvising or perfecting in an attempt to win a self established chase. A very dear friend of mine keeps reminding me- that the real game is with me. The real fun is to challenge myself and the real win is when I beat myself and my own previous record.

Sounds very preachy and in some way very obvious. But to accept it and live your life this way isn’t as easy as it sounds. It is good to learn from others and drive a motivation from it. But never set someone else’s achievement as your benchmark. Do what you like, get inspired by whatever or whoever you want but when it comes to trying to get better than someone, that someone should be You.


Nature Fresh!!

Who doesn’t love open sky, beaches and waves and flowers!

Recently captured these two pictures. The quality isn’t really good but the photos are still beautiful.

A serene locality in Bangalore

A serene locality in Bangalore

Beaches are my all time favorite. I can sit at a beach and spend an entire day contemplating or aimlessly wandering around or to have a quiet time.

photo 2

Marina Beach

Daily Quote-31

“Life’s not fair. It never was; it isn’t and won’t ever be.

Do not fall into the entitlement trap of feeling like you’re a victim. You are not.”

– Matthew McConaughey to the class of 2015

When was the time last you expressed your exasperation- ” Why does it always happen to me?”.

The quote is a clear answer to you. Life is all about ups and downs and we all have a fair share of it. Good or bad, have a clear judgment of your life and take it easy. Make the best use of time and the only thing you have to ensure is that after every passing minute, you are stronger and better than the person you just behind the previous minute. You’ll never be the victim then- you’ll be a winner!

Random Musings #2

I came across these beautiful lines on Fb few days back and I instantly felt an urge to share it and write something about it.

“I want to live simply. I want to sit by the window when it rains and read books I’ll never be tested on.

I want to paint because I want to, not because I’ve got something to prove.

I want to listen to my body, fall asleep when the moon is high and wake up slowly, with no place to rush off to.

I want not to be governed by money or clocks or any of the artificial restraints that humanity imposes on itself. I just want to be boundless and infinite.”


I know many people in my friend circle whose idea of a perfect life was to be famous and rich- followers all around you, people who consider you their idol. I have to admit even I was temporarily carried away by the same school of thought.

But deep down, I know that my perfect life – or the life that I wish for is quite different. I don’t want people setting high standards for me; or for anyone to restrict my creativity. I should be free to do whatever I want whenever I want.

Funny but very recently I mentioned this to a friend- how would my life be if I just run away from all of this and set up a quiet life in some remote place. I always imagine Sikkim to be that place, I don’t know why! I’ll probably set up a small café in one of these North Eastern place and operate this small business. Open a free school for the village kids. Sit by the mountain stream and sketch- not for showing it to anyone because let’s face it- I sketch bad! But because it gives me happiness. Lie down on the grass and fall asleep gazing at the star lit sky. Put out your hand from the window while it rains and feel the tiny droplets create a pattern on your skin. Stay alone and have time for yourself. Do something the society will remember you for.

Just thinking about it makes me feel so peaceful. It probably won’t even happen. Just that the idea is so pristine that dreaming about it is my best pass time.

But what is achievable is that wherever we are, we do things for our self. I never like to sing or dance in public. Agreed, I feel embarrassed. But when someone tells me, the world will never know how good you are unless you show them- my answer is always the same- I don’t do it for them, I do it because I like to.

I own a small sketch book and I show it people only if I want to. Else, it remains with me as my personal piece of art. People call me reserved, maybe untalented. But I know myself and that is more than enough for me to feel happy about myself!

I’m Maya Ghosh. I work in Chennai and stay in a quiet little place of my own. I like to sing and dance. I occasionally enjoy writing and sketching. I love listening to music and watching movies. I almost never switch on the television and I don’t easily get addicted to TV series- except maybe Friends! I’m an extreme introvert and I very carefully choose whom to let into my life, although I’m very friendly and affable.

So that’s a small intro for the few who spare a few minutes every day and read the crap that I write!

If you’ve made it till here, thanks for reading and being a part of my virtual space!

Daily Quote-30

Here’s a funny one-

“Don’t think of yourself as an ugly person.

Think of yourself as a beautiful monkey!”

– Unknown


Now it isn’t just for looks or personality or attitude or your work. It could be anything. Never put yourself down. Agreed that some people are just born talented. But rather than undermining yourself( Well, leave that job to someone else!), consider yourself the best in your breed. They say beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. The first step is to see yourself as beautiful and awesome- before expecting someone else to do that for you.

Daily Quote-29

My Daily quotes aren’t “daily” anymore. Apologies!!

Here’s a good one for today-

“Life is short- break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably and never regret anything that made you smile. Twenty years from now, you’ll be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sail.

Explore. Dream. Discover.”

– Mark Twain

Mark Twain is one genius with an amazing sense of reality and a humor that is incomparable. Doesn’t make you laugh at a joke but makes you laugh at the sheer fact about life that he shares so easily.

The biggest weakness of my life is regret. Of the ten mistakes that I commit, there’ll always be at least two that I will always regret- Even if I know that it taught me important lessons or that it made me happy for a short time. I do give explanations to myself that pain or gain, in the end it’s the experience that matters. But sometimes, it is tough to console yourself to put the pain behind and move ahead with just the experience. or is it?

Maybe it’s not- we complicate things unnecessarily. And life is too short for complications. So smile and smile and keep smiling. Smile is infectious. It makes you and everyone around you feel good. Ever been a time when you awkwardly smile at a stranger and they don’t smile back- even if it is awkward too? I bet , never! That’s the power of a smile.

 And the more you smile, the less you’ll be hurt. Smile no matter what problems you face. Things will come around one day for sure and you can gladly say that no matter how hard times were, you went through all with a broad and warm smile!

Movie Review- Kaaka Muttai ( Crow’s Egg)

A beautiful film by M Manikandan. It’s not that a film has not been made on a slum dweller. But a movie being made around two slum children’s wish to taste a pizza is unique!


First things first- brilliant poster. the movie didn’t have much publicity or word of mouth initially. It didn’t even have any trailer as such.But the poster was intriguing when I first saw it at the time of Uttama Villain. I decided then and there that I’ll watch it.

Secondly, the movie makes us smile right at the beginning- you know the tobacco kills and liquor is injurious to health warning! Yes, creative, funny and sweet.

Thridly, brilliant cast! Iyshwarya was amazing in her role and Vignesh and Ramesh- were they really first time actors? Kids these days…..born with talent!

I won’t go into details of the movie or give any spoilers ( there isn’t anything to spoil though). But if you love cinema, you shouldn’t miss this one. Maybe I am over praising it. But I loved the idea, concept, the performance and the movie to the core.

The movie makes you smile, laugh, pity, feel bad, feel guilty and yet you leave the movie hall feeling content and happy. Isn’t that the purpose of a movie?

Best part is- we are so used to watching movie like these where people are abused that after every scene, you expect something bad, very bad to happen. Apart from one or two scenes, the movie isn’t depressing at all. And those one or two scenes were essential- were facts! You know what else was great- you never even know the names of the boys or the mother, or granny or their father. It is just Periya/Chinna Kaka muttai or Pazharasam or on the same lines. Subtle and brilliant! Symbolic that these people aren’t even on the map of the society in general.

The climax was best. You wonder what is going to happen. Will it be sad, will it be a shocker..Again, as we are groomed in a particular fashion, I didn’t expect this climax!

I’m aware of only few movies that Dhanush has produced, but most of them that I know of are interesting and well made movies. G V Prakash Kumar has done a good job with the music! M Manikandan, I don’t know if this is his debut directorial film, but nonetheless, you deserve a round of applause! Well done.

Daily Quote-28

” To remember who you are, you need to forget who they told you to be”


We often are groomed by the society to behave in a certain fashion. A lady is considered civil if she has xyz qualities and doesn’t have abc vices. A man qualifies to be an eligible bachelor if and only if he fulfils certain criteria. ironically, these things were established very long ago, but it still exists. And as we progress, the list keeps changing, virtues and vices are added, but the list stays.

And the ones who break free are in most cases seen as outcast. There are only two possibilities- the person succeeds or fails. The ones who succeed are then labelled as visionaries. And the failures are  examples to the others to show what happens when you don’t follow “rules”.

There are many amongst us who want to quit their job and take up writing or photography full time, who want to pursue music or join a dance academy, who want to travel around the world and write a travelogue. But they seldom quit. They push themselves to achieve a fine balance between their interests and what the world considers ideal.

It is true that you cannot measure the depth of water with both your feet in, but if you hang on to one end of the shore, you’ll never reach the other end. You’ll stay where you are with one feet on land and the other in water. If you’re true to your passion, be who you are or try to be who YOU want to be.

Movie Review- Dil Dhadakne Do

The promo of Dil Dhadakne Do never interested me. But some random turn of events and I had to go watch this one.

The story was about how a high class Delhi based Dysfunctional family is, the challenges they face and how in the end, they take a stand for each other, supporting through thick and thin!

dil dha

After Luck By chance, Dil Dhadakne Do won’t look that good on Zoya Akhtar’s report. With all A rated stars, the only thing that keeps the movie afloat is the cast, the beautiful cruise where the movie is filmed, the humour and a few good here and there. Not to forget the costume designer. Everyone looked ravishing!

The plot had weight , unfortunately it wasn’t steered well. In an attempt to not make a serious movie and to deliver a social message using humour worked well only to make us laugh but it doesn’t hit the bull’s eye.

To not sound unfair, if you go watch D3 with zero expectations and solely with the purpose of being entertained, you’ll find it very funny. But if you search for meaning and look forward to watching something that leaves a mark in your mind, it would be a bad choice.

The best part of the movie for me would be the equation between Ranveer and Priyanka. The emotional dependency, the unbending support, the banters, the leg pulling; it is something very personal to most siblings. The bond between them was shown beautifully. What was innovative was the narration from a dog- Pluto. It was funny yet sensible.

The best of the cast has to be Shefali Shah- the mindless beauty, the emotional wife and a responsible “Face the reality” mother- she carried it off really well. Anushka and Farhan didn’t have much to do. But the one scene where Farhan has an argument with Rahul Bose over women empowerment was scripted well. Short, subtle but powerful. Priyanka and Ranveer did their part well- nothing extra ordinary. Anil Kapoor – sometimes you felt he is just going overboard but sometimes it is just him you focus on. The one scene where he fights Rahul Bose makes you feel really happy!

The entry of the entire cast was smooth- no melodrama, no stunts. It was something I liked. The climax , however, was made unnecessarily dramatic. But Javed Akhtar being the lyricist, you can’t expect to end a movie without beautiful lines. The end scene on the boat with just the family and the “Dil Dhadakne Do” lines was great.

Zoya had an apt context, a normal family dealing with it’s own issues while putting up a fake “All is well” smile, a lady feeling un-attracted to her husband for no apparent reason, a wife putting up with her husband’s disloyalty because she has nowhere to go, a son aspiring to be a pilot by weighed down by the business like expectations of the society. It is something that hasn’t been filmed before. But she missed the thin line between serious and not so serious story and it all went for a toss. All that you remember are the funny jokes and that’s about it.

Book Review- Letter to his father

Hermann Kafka, Franz Kafka’s father once asked him, why is Franz so afraid of him. Letter to his father is a short book where Kafka recapitulates his life and shows how he was always oppressed by his father, making him feel guilty about his own existence.


I have been procrastinating writing this review for so long that now I hardly remember the points that I wanted to mention while I write!

The book gives strong views of Kafka against his father starting from his childhood, his life at his home, his life at school, with his friends, the relation with his mother and siblings; the effect his father’s tyranny had over his health, life changing decisions, marriage and the bond he had with his kid.

I have not stored the beautifully written lines in this book because when I started reading, I didn’t feel like putting it down. I finished it in one sitting and when I was done, I felt pity for the young lad who craved for his father’s acceptance but eventually grew up feeling worthless and shunned by him.

A few lines were wonderfully written; the part where Kafka tells you the instances when he saw father being emotionally attached to the family- well there was just this one para where you feel sensitive towards Hermann Kafka. Also, the part where Kafka explains how feeling timid made him lose an understanding of what was closest to him- his own body- how every day he felt his health was deteriorating. What made this book even better were the added pages from Kafka’s journal entry.

I find Kafka’s writing style inspiring. Sometimes I wonder what these people would have done if they had been treated the right way? But then, I guess it is the dark phases which bring out the best in you- makes you avoid complacency and seek success.

For everyone who love reading, this book doesn’t take much of your time but sure gives you a lot to think about when you’re done!