Daily Quotes-25

” When writing a novel, a writer should create living people; people not characters. A character is a caricature.”

– Ernest Hemingway
Have you ever wondered why the market is full of books that are love stories? Well, a failed or successful relation is a motivator for many to take up writing as a profession or a hobby. I remember reading a book long time ago by Ravinder Singh, I too had a love story. I was travelling and my co-passenger had this book. So I used my time to read this in one sitting. There was nothing great- most people won’t even read it. But you’ll never say it is a bad book. Because the characters were real! I have many friends who are attempting the same; writing a love story based on their own life. the concept picks up because you aren’t creating anyone in your head. You already have the idea and the plot. the only thing left to do is to pen it down in a readable format.
Now , the fantasy genre is equally luring. You may not relate to the characters but Rowling, Tolkien and all the best sellers have one thing in common. They characters they define are so strong that you almost feel their presence. People cried when Dumbledore died! Well, that’s the connect. The key to doing this, is to have a well structured character sketch. Every person has a good and bad side to him and the book clearly gives instances for both. But in our minds, we know A is bad, B is good, C is weird- the do not trust him category! And this happens because the character is built along with the plot. the author lets it seep into us- the characters grow along with us.
So all the aspiring authors ( and that includes me), if you happen to write something based on true events, you already have what you need. But for those, who are attempting at something fresh, don’t try too hard to create an exemplary and outstanding characters. Have a basic plot and try to build up the story- give it a human touch.

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