Book Review- Letter to his father

Hermann Kafka, Franz Kafka’s father once asked him, why is Franz so afraid of him. Letter to his father is a short book where Kafka recapitulates his life and shows how he was always oppressed by his father, making him feel guilty about his own existence.


I have been procrastinating writing this review for so long that now I hardly remember the points that I wanted to mention while I write!

The book gives strong views of Kafka against his father starting from his childhood, his life at his home, his life at school, with his friends, the relation with his mother and siblings; the effect his father’s tyranny had over his health, life changing decisions, marriage and the bond he had with his kid.

I have not stored the beautifully written lines in this book because when I started reading, I didn’t feel like putting it down. I finished it in one sitting and when I was done, I felt pity for the young lad who craved for his father’s acceptance but eventually grew up feeling worthless and shunned by him.

A few lines were wonderfully written; the part where Kafka tells you the instances when he saw father being emotionally attached to the family- well there was just this one para where you feel sensitive towards Hermann Kafka. Also, the part where Kafka explains how feeling timid made him lose an understanding of what was closest to him- his own body- how every day he felt his health was deteriorating. What made this book even better were the added pages from Kafka’s journal entry.

I find Kafka’s writing style inspiring. Sometimes I wonder what these people would have done if they had been treated the right way? But then, I guess it is the dark phases which bring out the best in you- makes you avoid complacency and seek success.

For everyone who love reading, this book doesn’t take much of your time but sure gives you a lot to think about when you’re done!


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  1. Interesting! Will add it to my TBR!

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