Movie Review- Kaaka Muttai ( Crow’s Egg)

A beautiful film by M Manikandan. It’s not that a film has not been made on a slum dweller. But a movie being made around two slum children’s wish to taste a pizza is unique!


First things first- brilliant poster. the movie didn’t have much publicity or word of mouth initially. It didn’t even have any trailer as such.But the poster was intriguing when I first saw it at the time of Uttama Villain. I decided then and there that I’ll watch it.

Secondly, the movie makes us smile right at the beginning- you know the tobacco kills and liquor is injurious to health warning! Yes, creative, funny and sweet.

Thridly, brilliant cast! Iyshwarya was amazing in her role and Vignesh and Ramesh- were they really first time actors? Kids these days…..born with talent!

I won’t go into details of the movie or give any spoilers ( there isn’t anything to spoil though). But if you love cinema, you shouldn’t miss this one. Maybe I am over praising it. But I loved the idea, concept, the performance and the movie to the core.

The movie makes you smile, laugh, pity, feel bad, feel guilty and yet you leave the movie hall feeling content and happy. Isn’t that the purpose of a movie?

Best part is- we are so used to watching movie like these where people are abused that after every scene, you expect something bad, very bad to happen. Apart from one or two scenes, the movie isn’t depressing at all. And those one or two scenes were essential- were facts! You know what else was great- you never even know the names of the boys or the mother, or granny or their father. It is just Periya/Chinna Kaka muttai or Pazharasam or on the same lines. Subtle and brilliant! Symbolic that these people aren’t even on the map of the society in general.

The climax was best. You wonder what is going to happen. Will it be sad, will it be a shocker..Again, as we are groomed in a particular fashion, I didn’t expect this climax!

I’m aware of only few movies that Dhanush has produced, but most of them that I know of are interesting and well made movies. G V Prakash Kumar has done a good job with the music! M Manikandan, I don’t know if this is his debut directorial film, but nonetheless, you deserve a round of applause! Well done.


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