Daily Quote-39

“There are two kinds of people in this world- Givers and Takers.

The Givers eat well, but the Takers sleep better”


We all have people in our lives who take us for granted, who remember us when they are in need. In some cases, we may also do that to someone else.

Giving and taking is part of life. What is important is to make sure that you contribute to others and the society as a whole. Contribution is not necessarily in material- even good words can make someone’s day better. Offer help whenever someone is in need, even if you don’t know them. When was the last time you helped an old person on the street carry the load or give your seat in the train to someone who deserves more or offer a lift on your way to someone or be considerate towards your maid- treat them as humans and not people who are bound to do the dirty job because they’re paid for it!

The way the world operates now, it is understandable to have doubts in our minds, especially when it comes to helping a stranger who might harm us in any way. But sometimes, it is important to trust and not turn a blind eye towards the needy. Let go of suspicions whenever possible and extend your humanitarian hand.

No matter what we achieve in life- success, fame, money- if you didn’t progress as a human, you haven’t taken a step ahead.


About Maya

Bored of the tedium and tired of the rut, I look for shelter in my imaginary hut; Behind these veils of propriety and decorum, I desperately seek a liberating forum; In my words and humor you'll find fire But beware and warned, It's all just Maya! Come, see my world through my window..

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