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Daily Quote-64

“Relationships end too soon because people stop putting the same effort to keep you as they did to win you.”


I read this somewhere yesterday and I really liked it. Not that I’ve lost many relations. I’ve lost contact, sure; but that had always been mutual. But I’ve also been through relations where I went an extra mile to retain people in my life but they were too cool to see it and eventually we parted away. Now when I think about them, I wonder how good it would have been if we were still friends. Same applies to family as well. Cousins who used to be very close as kids- somehow we grow up, get busy with our own life and friends and forget the bond we once used to share.

Well, probably have to start digging up all old connections and start re-establishing. One life is too short to see so many people fade away!


Daily Quote-63

“The modest and honest,

the principled and pure;

it is they who are alone

even when standing

in crowds amongst others.

Lonely Lighthouses of love,

beaming their radiant light into a vast,

dark sea of humanity.”

-Shakieb Orgunwall

Daily Quote-62

“To stop others from disrespecting you and your individuality, the first step is to start respecting it yourself.”

-Maya Ghosh

Well, I haven’t said anything new. And I’m sure the same lines would have been said by great men and women across the globe.

I just liked the idea of attaching my name to something!

Anyways, I always wanted to talk about this. It isn’t just about respect but about overall personality and attitude. If you wish to be taken seriously, you need to do so yourself. I have seen people who are under confident and too nervous but they want others to believe that they’re the best one can have. That’s not possible. The self doubt always shows in the way we walk, talk and behave.

Similarly, if we want to earn respect from others, we need to respect ourselves for what we are.

Movie Review- Bahubali:The Beginning

Continuing with my pending movie review list- Here comes the next one- Bahubali: The Beginning.

I have seen Rajamouli’s Naan E before but that was when I used to watch movies for time pass. So I used to forward boring scenes and somehow finish watching.

So let’s just say this is the first S S Rajamouli’s movie that I have watched and I really liked it. Going by Indian standards, I didn’t expect the visuals to be so good. Apart from a few scenes, where graphics looked fake, others were brilliantly shot.


It was a great idea to shoot both Tamil and Telugu in parallel. I didn’t know this while watching and wondered how even a dubbed movie looks marvelous with perfect sync. It was only later that I realized that the movie has been dubbed in Hindi and Malayalam whereas Tamil/Telugu is part of original act.

Let me draft this review point wise:

  1. Plot : Nothing extraordinary- Political rivalries, two siblings, fight between good and evil; honor and killing etc! There really is no spoiler because this is something you’ll know soon once you start watching.
  2. Performance- While the movie started, I wondered if Prabhas could make an ideal hero. The initial lifting Shiva idol and climbing mountain scenes, the acting was not flawed but you somehow do not see him as a hero. My attention drifts to others around.  However, once the action and battle field drama starts, he manages to engage the audience- thanks to good background score and script.

         Tamannah- She is hot. And that’s about it. There is nothing else to expect from her performance.

         Rana Daggubati- I’ve always liked him as an actor. The wickedness, the attitude everything makes him look menacing.

        Ramya Krishnan & Satyaraj- I write about them in single bracket. They were OUTSTANDING. Their stature, posture,    conviction, dialogue delivery, everything was brilliant. I have seen Padayappa of Ramya Krishnan which is supposed to be her best ever performance. I read a newspaper article once when Ramya mentioned that she wanted that role to be better than others because she wasn’t offered the lead role. Similarly, she performed Bahubali, with a similar passion- to make it better than the best. Even with just few minutes of screen presence, she leaves an impression. The same applies for Satyaraj as well.

3. Music- The background music was quite good at most places. Nothing extraordinary though.

4. Visuals- I was quite impressed  with the entire set. The  kingdom, battle, the statues – esp the scene where they show Bahubali statue bigger than Palvandeva’s was pictured beautifully. The war scenes were choreographed well.

The first half of the movie was slow. It was probably required to give us a background.However, post intermission, the pace picks up. The climax was again brilliant. It wasn’t left at a war or in the past or at anything heroic. Kattapa confessing that he killed Bahubali – it was perfect.

Am I waiting for the second part to release? Hell, Yea!!

FFfaW- Final Goodbye

In response to Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers for this week:


Seldom does the word “last” relate to happiness.

Today is the last day I can take a stroll in this lovely garden.

Today is the last day I can smell the beautiful roses.

Today is the last day I can stand at the center of this pretty little world of mine.

Today is the last day I can use colors to paint the void that otherwise exists here….

Ten years ago, I came to this Centre on charges of a grave crime,

Today is the last day of my solitary Confinement.

Today, I’m happy and I paint the life that I had lived for so long, one last time. It is my final goodbye!

Daily Quote-61

“Your best stories will come from your struggles.

The seeds of your successes are in your failures.

Your praises will be birthed from your pains.

Keep Standing. I have never seen a storm last forever.

Seasons Change.”


Golden Evenings!


Nothing great about the photo- but I liked the contrast. the light and the dark, the free space versus the crowded streets and the effect that the golden glow has.

The phone camera quality is quite average. More than that, I am not that great a photographer! 🙂

-Clicked in a local market in Chennai.

Movie Review- Premam

I watched this movie some time in June and have been waiting to somehow sit and write a review for this amazing movie. I somehow was never in the right frame of mind! So, today, I do it.

I have a backlog of so many movie and book reviews that now I’ve decided to skip most of them and write only the ones that I really really liked- Premam tops the chart! The one still in the picture below will show how beautifully each and every moment was shot in this movie.


The plot is pretty simple- just like what the caption in the poster says- A love story with nothing new. But the 3 hours was a fun ride! Starting with the poster, I found it very creative. Reminded me of Airtel’s “Dil titli sa” ad( Heart is like a butterfly). Similar to it, we see the main character George’s ( Nivin Pauly) quest for love in different phases of his life- teenager, early twenties and thirties.

George was perfect in all the 3 parts. In fact the make up artist for this movie should be applauded. I loved the way all characters looked so natural and different- especially Sai Pallavi.

The first part is where George falls for the town queen Mary( Anupama Parameshwaran), man! she was beautiful! The trio of George, Shambhu and Koya were really funny. I loved the dynamics between the friends, exactly how people are during this age. Crushes, love letters, following the girl, calling their friend if they spot the girl etc.

The second part was probably the best! Just loved the simplicity of Malar ( Sai Pallavi). The ragging, the sighting, the love part, the whole Vimal sir angle, beautifully shot canteen scenes and the unfortunate end, it was just perfect. Their parting away shatters your heart. They seem so meant for each other. The rockakoothu song was awesome!

The third part was the least favorite for me. The cake and bakery was all great, esp the red velvet scene. But the connect was missing. Madonna was lovely but after Sai Pallavi, I really wished there was no one. Call me a sadist, but I didn’t want anyone else to be with Nivin Pauly ! I never knew until later that Celine’s fiancé was Alphonse Puthiren in a cameo. The Contra song was quite misplaced but I guess that was placed in between to give a lighter feel to the movie.

I would have preferred if it wasn’t revealed that Malar got back her memory. Kind of leaves you to blame fate for their separation. But in this case, I somehow felt sad although the director wanted to convey that George finally found his love in Celine. May be, maybe not! he probably still loved Malar and hated to know that they could have been together but can’t!

Anyways, love and break up and separation have their own beauty. Everything perfect sometimes spoils it.

Overall, i just loved the movie. I haven’t seen Neram or Bangalore Days or any other Malayalam movie.  This was my first and I thoroughly enjoyed. Must watch if you haven’t already seen it.

Daily Quote-60

“What takes us back to the past, are the memories.

What brings us forward, is our dreams”

-Jeremy Irons

It’s funny how things turn out sometimes.I saw the movie The man with iron mask yesterday and read about the actors and Jeremy Irons today morning. Then, as I always do every morning, i was looking for quotes online that I can post it here and the only quote that I liked on the page , coincidently was from the same actor.

We have different kinds of people, some who always look back and think of the memories- good and bad that they’ve created. Some who brush aside everything in life as “just an experience” and look forward. I personally don’t know where I belong. Somewhere in between but more towards the memory lane I guess.

But probably the best kind of people would be those who use an equal proportion of both. While it is important to dream and to work towards accomplishing it, it is also necessary to treasure what you’ve learnt so far, from whom and how. There are people who come in as experience but some who stay forever. Life is like a cocktail, isn’t it, a mix of sweet and bitter and a buzz to look forward to! 🙂

Daily Quote-59

“As Time goes on, you’ll understand, what lasts, lasts; what doesn’t, doesn’t!

Time solves most things. And what time can’t solve, you have to solve yourself.”

-Haruki Murakami