Daily Quote-58

“In life, any difficulty that you can fight your way out of, is not a difficulty to begin with.

Real difficulties are those that you can do nothing about, when you’re helpless against, like a loved one’s health or pain”


I hate to accept but I am a bit of a drama queen. I don’t panic easily but when it comes to certain kind of problems, I always end up feeling I am never going to be back to normal. Well, if I’m writing about this with a smile on my face, it is evident that it isn’t true. All difficulties that “we” own, somewhere, we also own the solution to it. Although sometimes we do feel helpless, I guess to be happy or not ,is ultimately our own choice.


About Maya

Bored of the tedium and tired of the rut, I look for shelter in my imaginary hut; Behind these veils of propriety and decorum, I desperately seek a liberating forum; In my words and humor you'll find fire But beware and warned, It's all just Maya! Come, see my world through my window..

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