Movie Review- Premam

I watched this movie some time in June and have been waiting to somehow sit and write a review for this amazing movie. I somehow was never in the right frame of mind! So, today, I do it.

I have a backlog of so many movie and book reviews that now I’ve decided to skip most of them and write only the ones that I really really liked- Premam tops the chart! The one still in the picture below will show how beautifully each and every moment was shot in this movie.


The plot is pretty simple- just like what the caption in the poster says- A love story with nothing new. But the 3 hours was a fun ride! Starting with the poster, I found it very creative. Reminded me of Airtel’s “Dil titli sa” ad( Heart is like a butterfly). Similar to it, we see the main character George’s ( Nivin Pauly) quest for love in different phases of his life- teenager, early twenties and thirties.

George was perfect in all the 3 parts. In fact the make up artist for this movie should be applauded. I loved the way all characters looked so natural and different- especially Sai Pallavi.

The first part is where George falls for the town queen Mary( Anupama Parameshwaran), man! she was beautiful! The trio of George, Shambhu and Koya were really funny. I loved the dynamics between the friends, exactly how people are during this age. Crushes, love letters, following the girl, calling their friend if they spot the girl etc.

The second part was probably the best! Just loved the simplicity of Malar ( Sai Pallavi). The ragging, the sighting, the love part, the whole Vimal sir angle, beautifully shot canteen scenes and the unfortunate end, it was just perfect. Their parting away shatters your heart. They seem so meant for each other. The rockakoothu song was awesome!

The third part was the least favorite for me. The cake and bakery was all great, esp the red velvet scene. But the connect was missing. Madonna was lovely but after Sai Pallavi, I really wished there was no one. Call me a sadist, but I didn’t want anyone else to be with Nivin Pauly ! I never knew until later that Celine’s fiancé was Alphonse Puthiren in a cameo. The Contra song was quite misplaced but I guess that was placed in between to give a lighter feel to the movie.

I would have preferred if it wasn’t revealed that Malar got back her memory. Kind of leaves you to blame fate for their separation. But in this case, I somehow felt sad although the director wanted to convey that George finally found his love in Celine. May be, maybe not! he probably still loved Malar and hated to know that they could have been together but can’t!

Anyways, love and break up and separation have their own beauty. Everything perfect sometimes spoils it.

Overall, i just loved the movie. I haven’t seen Neram or Bangalore Days or any other Malayalam movie.  This was my first and I thoroughly enjoyed. Must watch if you haven’t already seen it.


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  1. Yay! Finally you got to review it. I loved the movie, but you know that already. I agree that after the high of Malar, everything else falls flat and that is why the Celine sequence doesn’t impress that much. But anyway, how adorable was the whole movie and the transformation these three people go through the three periods of time!
    You can give Neram a miss, but do watch Bangalore Days!!! Very soon! You will love it!

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