Movie Review- Bahubali:The Beginning

Continuing with my pending movie review list- Here comes the next one- Bahubali: The Beginning.

I have seen Rajamouli’s Naan E before but that was when I used to watch movies for time pass. So I used to forward boring scenes and somehow finish watching.

So let’s just say this is the first S S Rajamouli’s movie that I have watched and I really liked it. Going by Indian standards, I didn’t expect the visuals to be so good. Apart from a few scenes, where graphics looked fake, others were brilliantly shot.


It was a great idea to shoot both Tamil and Telugu in parallel. I didn’t know this while watching and wondered how even a dubbed movie looks marvelous with perfect sync. It was only later that I realized that the movie has been dubbed in Hindi and Malayalam whereas Tamil/Telugu is part of original act.

Let me draft this review point wise:

  1. Plot : Nothing extraordinary- Political rivalries, two siblings, fight between good and evil; honor and killing etc! There really is no spoiler because this is something you’ll know soon once you start watching.
  2. Performance- While the movie started, I wondered if Prabhas could make an ideal hero. The initial lifting Shiva idol and climbing mountain scenes, the acting was not flawed but you somehow do not see him as a hero. My attention drifts to others around.  However, once the action and battle field drama starts, he manages to engage the audience- thanks to good background score and script.

         Tamannah- She is hot. And that’s about it. There is nothing else to expect from her performance.

         Rana Daggubati- I’ve always liked him as an actor. The wickedness, the attitude everything makes him look menacing.

        Ramya Krishnan & Satyaraj- I write about them in single bracket. They were OUTSTANDING. Their stature, posture,    conviction, dialogue delivery, everything was brilliant. I have seen Padayappa of Ramya Krishnan which is supposed to be her best ever performance. I read a newspaper article once when Ramya mentioned that she wanted that role to be better than others because she wasn’t offered the lead role. Similarly, she performed Bahubali, with a similar passion- to make it better than the best. Even with just few minutes of screen presence, she leaves an impression. The same applies for Satyaraj as well.

3. Music- The background music was quite good at most places. Nothing extraordinary though.

4. Visuals- I was quite impressed  with the entire set. The  kingdom, battle, the statues – esp the scene where they show Bahubali statue bigger than Palvandeva’s was pictured beautifully. The war scenes were choreographed well.

The first half of the movie was slow. It was probably required to give us a background.However, post intermission, the pace picks up. The climax was again brilliant. It wasn’t left at a war or in the past or at anything heroic. Kattapa confessing that he killed Bahubali – it was perfect.

Am I waiting for the second part to release? Hell, Yea!!


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  1. You saw the Tamil version?


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