Daily Quote-65

“A river cuts the rock not because of its power, but because of its consistency.

Never lose your hope and keep walking towards your vision”


This isn’t a quote but I read it as part of “moral of the story” section in a message. I really liked the river cuts the rock because of the consistency line. Worked on me like a charm.

Sometimes, it’s not the magnitude of what we already have that matters. But even little steps towards progress make a big difference.

That’s not just for personal improvement. Let’s list down instances where small steps can make big difference.

  1. Developing your own passion- Give time to your hobby. Few minutes every day and help us improve a lot and concentrate better on ourself.
  2. Stop Littering- Start with yourself. When was the last time we saw someone or worse ourself threw a candy wrapper outside a moving bus? Don’t do it and stop others from doing it. Keep your surroundings clean. Little effort will do all of us a big favour.
  3. Charity- You think you need to shell out lot of money to do that? or do you think you have to spend an entire day at an NGO to do charity work? No, start at home. Help in educating your helper’s kids or impart wisdom to your servant themselves. Rather than commenting on beggars asking them to go find a job, help them find one!
  4. Show respect- Next time you enter your office building, smile and wish good morning/evening to the facility staff. Working in an environment where everyone looks down upon them or treats them as lowest level employee, a show of respect can make their day.
  5. Listen to your heart- We live in a world where society has made definitions for an ideal person, ideal son/ daughter, ideal citizen etc. We restrict our desires if it doesn’t abide by what is already defined. You owe it to yourself to occasionally do something that your heart wants. You’ll never need a medicine in your life if you can manage to keep your own body, mind and spirit happy. Your happiness and health is always a priority!

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Bored of the tedium and tired of the rut, I look for shelter in my imaginary hut; Behind these veils of propriety and decorum, I desperately seek a liberating forum; In my words and humor you'll find fire But beware and warned, It's all just Maya! Come, see my world through my window..

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