Book Review- Cat’s Cradle

Cat’s Cradle is definitely one of the most creative books I have read so far. Not just creative, it is humorous and uses major Satire in its plot. I haven’t read any other Kurt Vonnegut book. Slaughter Five is on my To read list but I won’t be picking it up anytime soon. But Cat’s cradle is something everyone should try.

The guy just created a new religion out of nothing!!


Kurt Vonnegut mixes science with the new religion Bokononism in a beautiful way. I have read a short story by him once- 2BR02B which equally amazed me. Kurt has a nice blend of science fiction with a human touch to it. Stories like these cannot be just an inspiration from real world.

What I really liked about Cat’s cradle was that it was well structured. We know from the first page that the protagonist is conducting a research for his book on what happened in the lives of important people on the day atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima. However, we are also told in the same chapter that he did not finish the book because he later realized the purpose of his life and move towards Bokonon and Bokoninism. Every chapter progressed constructively and it kept you hooked to the plot.

This book again, like Old Man and Sea wasn’t quotable- you didn’t have lines that floored you, except a few. One that i remember is ” Peculiar Travel suggestion are dancing lessons from God”. It wasn’t about philosophy anyways. It was more of a satire on humanity in general. Creation of Ice-9 , how we in general trade it for personal favors or how unreasonable we are and all of this was interweaved with some or the other character.

The end is like a parallel world- destruction of the human race because Bokonon feels humans are so stupid that it is better to freeze everything with Ice-Nine and laugh at the God who created us.

Even if a genre like this doesn’t interest you, I would recommend read 2BR02B first, and if you happen to like it, give Cat’s cradle a shot. It is a book not every reader will enjoy. A typical Chetan Bhagat/ love story reader may not appreciate the creativity.






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