Book Review- Shades of Adolescence

I am generally not a fan of Chick Lit or any novel/movie which has love story in it. Probably because I don’t think real life gives you a fairy tale that these typically portray.However, when I got a call from an old friend of mine informing me that she has released her debut novel, I ordered this one immediately- Shades of Adolescence by Harshita Sharma.



What I picked up thinking it’s going to be same old Cliche Chetan Bhagat kinda novel turned out to be much more. Yes, it has a love story in it but the book in itself is also about friendships, schools, those days of mischief, going around the city in your two-wheeler, hiding trivial things from parents considering it to be a big top secret, the phase of having first crush, falling in and out of love, favorite subjects, favorite teachers and much more!

You have to read it yourself to find out. The book has it’s own highs and lows, moments when you say ” Oh Wow!! I remember those days” or when you feel ” Crap! I really don’t want to think of the time when this happened to me” but then it’s all part of a package.

We all went through that phase of adolescence and the shades it brings with it. Reading through the novel, brought back many memories and I felt as if I am re-living those days.

The way Harshita has developed her plot is commendable too. Though I felt at times that the characters or the plot at that very instant is half baked and it could have been better, but overall I enjoyed it a lot, especially the end. Knowing Harshita personally, I knew she wouldn’t write something that’s conventional. But the way she has projected her characters, made me feel a part of their lives, which in itself is a great thing to achieve.

There are very few who read my blog but if you reading this, I would urge you to get this one. You’ll not regret. And if you’re a budding author too, I’m sure you’ll know how much time one invests to write and to publish a novel is a big deal. I hope you enjoy reading this one.

Cheers to Harshita!





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