A distorted image in my mind,

Like a candle’s light flickering in the wind,

Some hazy memories of our togetherness and some of the pain when we parted

Like a mild rain which drenches you on a cold morning,

I try to think hard to see far into what could have been our future,

Like a deer being pulled towards a non existent mirage,

It probably is futile to think of it as our destinies have pushed us apart to extreme worlds,

Like the planets which know they co-exist but not meant for each other,

I want to believe in magic , one that will bring us together,

Like a green leaf that welcomes a fresh dew on it every morning that stays with it till its end..

Will our lives be changed by a miracle?

Will we ever get to see our ocean of love wrapped in a cozy blanket of the blue sky?



Dreaming of a future that seems impossible is Hope,

Finding a spot of light in the myriad sea of darkness is Hope,

The curve on the lips turning upwards after years of tears is Hope,

A bloom of flower after a season of Autumn is Hope,

Catching a rainbow on the other side of the world where the harsh rains have stopped is Hope,

Finding you at the end of that rainbow waiting for me, is Hope..

In the presence of God

We often wonder what being in the presence of God feels like..

It’s when you are walking under a starry night’s blanket next to the man you love who loves you back,
It’s when you feel a touch that sends a chill down your spine yet warms your heart and soul,
It’s when a smile tells you how much he is longing to see you again,
It’s when you fall asleep on his shoulder on the way back from a tiring journey,
It’s when you wake up to see the face glaring at you as an angel’s blessing..
Coz Being in his presence is to feel the presence of God..

You’re my Sunshine..

Lurking in the shadows of my own past,

My soul searches for a ray of sunshine,

I reach out to you with both my hands held out to as far as it can go,
My heart longs for a touch of sunshine,
I wish to spread my wings wide across and fly towards you,
But the burden of my flaws pulls me down,
My body wishes to be set free into the aura of sunshine,
I try to shout aloud so you could hear my cries of despair,
My sound wants to be heard by the sunshine,
I look far back into the life that I’ve lived,
I look at the moments I’ve smiled and those when I grieved,
I feel the times when your love was the best thing to happen to me,
My sunshine, where art thou…in this world where darkness is all that I see..

A Lost Face In The Crowd

A lost face in the crowd,

A star’s dust hidden in the clouds,

Standing in a corner and staring into a blank space

I look around for something reassuring , in a far away place

Do you have any memories of me?

Of an Unnoticeable person with a shy grace,

Of the passing wind that never left an impression on your face

I fell in love, and loved with all my heart,

I treasured you in my deepest thoughts right from the start,

We parted ways but the thoughts remain even years after,

Our shadows dance together in my dream amidst the reality that shatters,

Do you have any memories of me?

Of the star’s dust hidden in the clouds,

Which is now nothing but a lost face in the crowd..


The Magic

I remember the day our eyes met,

I never knew someday I’ll hold you close, and that’s as close as it can get,

I remember the time we became friends,

And then good friends and confidante whose faults complement,

I remember the day you told me you loved me and you would like me to be yours,

And I couldn’t help but feel the same way , overwhelmed by the hope of how happy I’ll be with you in due course,

I remember the time we loved each other madly, when smiles were all we had and there was absolutely nothing tragic,

I remember us, I remember you, because loving you was & is nothing less than magic..

How does it feel..

How does it feel,

To know you will never feel loved again,

To know all that you had cherished for so long is just lost leaving behind its pain,

To know the distant dreams back in those memory lanes have faded and are gone where you cannot see them or hear ,

To know that every step you take towards future slowly cuts your ties with the past you hold so dear,

To know that you’ll have the image of a love long lost in your heart forever and nothing can change it,

To know that’s all love has ever done to you – grinding everything you treasure into grit..

How does it feel..



Oh it’s just a mistake
But I am glad that you made
The surreptitious smiles, the longing to see each  other
The liking and the attraction
The love and the confession
The kiss and the magic of your touch
The distance and the aloofness
The heartbreak and it’s madness
We have come a long way since then..
Oh it was a mistake
But I am glad that it was you who made..

A Day yet to come..

A Day will come..

when the sun will shine bright

The breeze will be pleasant and gentle

The sky , the color of bright blue with amber streaks

The grass soft and moist caressing my feet

The flowing streams sounding like chimes

The warmth of the surrounding glowing orange on my cheek

The moon sings lullaby and the starts glitter

My fingers tickling the air like cutting through silky strands of hair

A Day will come , when life seems beautiful

When i can spread my arms wide open and run through the green fields

Towards you, into your arms, clutching you tight to never leave again.

A day will come..when the sun will shine bright!






Am I forgotten…

I’ve forgotten how it felt like to greet you every morning

I’ve forgotten how it was to read a message from you and know how loved you are

I’ve forgotten how it was to feel down and then uplifted the moment you held me in your arms

I’ve forgotten how exhilarating it was when our hands brushed past each other

I’ve forgotten how carefree I was when we danced together

I’ve forgotten how lovely long walks with you could ever be

I’ve forgotten how it was to get angry with you and see you apologizing not knowing what you did, just because you cared

I’ve forgotten how a peck on my cheek could mean the world to me

I’ve forgotten how special it feels just to be an unforgotten part of your life

I could never forget how all that remained of me in your life, now is forgotten..