Such a long Journey!

So much has changed in these few years,
From a stranger to a loved one, I moved on to become someone forgotten,
From greeting smiles to warming laughs, it ended becoming hollow cries,
From dawn to glowing evenings, it became a cruel night,
I never imagined a journey so long,
I never thought of a life so forlorn,
I used to wonder how far we’ll go together,
Seldom did I think fate will blow us apart like withered feather,
 Will I quit thinking about you?
I know not,
Will I ever forget you?
Who knows, I’ll give it a shot,
All I really want is your happiness alone,
Suffer as I may, I’ll follow this path my heart has shown.

Random Poetry..

Screaming clouds

Glittering stars

Glowing lights
Howling tourists
Swaying wind
Shouting majestic waves
Shining moon
And in the midst of all,
My brimming eyes …
Where are you , I know not
How are you, I know not
But I am here in the midst of all,
With my brimming eyes full of tears.

Of Reality and Dreams 

The hushing breeze
The gushing water
The chirping birds
The noise of the village
My rhythmic heart beat
I wish I could hear your voice
The warmth of the sun on my glowing cheek
Th chill of the wind wrapping my physique
The serene water tickling my feet
The scent of the village that lingers in the senses
I wish I could feel your touch this moment
The beautiful setting sun
The calmly birds returning to their homes
The seagull testing its wings on the surface of water
The flowing lagoon putting its waves at rest
The rising moon peeking from behind the clouds
The house boat anchoring at the shore
The women in the village silencing their howling kids
Green fields of paddy all around
My sight overlooking my gracious surroundings
I wish I had your eyes to look into.

Parted Love

We meet so many years after we part

There is so much to say but I dont know where to start
Awkwardness replaces what once was comfort
Silent replaces our honest blurts
Distance remains where once was an embrace
Our hearts and minds not together anymore at the same place
Why do I feel so distant
Why do I want to be where I am but still wish to go away that very instant
Why do I want to look at you closely and see the change years have brought
Then Why are my eyes afraid to meet yours and tell you , you are the only one I ever sought
I wish to be yours, yours forever this time
Though you seem like a stranger, I want to be your eternal valentine..

Straddling between two worlds

Somewhere between reality and dreams
Lies my world
Somewhere between the given and the forbidden
Lies my heart
Somewhere between acceptance and silent protest
Lies my being
Somewhere between my mind and heart
Lies my hollow prayer
Somewhere between…..
I lie , straddling between two worlds!


I close my eyes and feel your fingers tap against my shoulders
A chill runs down my spine when I hear you sigh somewhere really close
Notwithstanding the thought of having a being away from you,
I have my cocoon built inside this cold aloof reality
Where love prevails and happiness stays and smile never fades
Where I can hear you whisper beautiful words in my ear
Where I can dance in joy at the sight of you
My cocoon protects me from the harshness outside and keeps me warm the light that shines bright, reassuring me of your presence in it

Incomplete Emptiness

There’s a void in my heart and in my life
A place reserved for you, your thoughts, your memories and dreams of you
An emptiness that’s complete in itself with your image in it
A void where your eyes don’t blink but stay awake with me, watching me , keeping me alive
For as long as it breathes,  I know my soul has an essence and my breath is shared with you
For in this emptiness, I’ll stay forever; complete yet incomplete without you ..


Crawling to the corner of the room
Crouching under my own shadow
Rolling myself into a lump
I shed tears, mourning for your loss
My heart cries out so you could hear my helpless howls
Unable to accept that you’re gone never to return
Unable to understand that this how it’ll be with a soul that burns
This hollowness in the pit of my stomach that doesn’t allow me to breathe
This wrenching pain in my heart that pulls me down to hit the rock bottom
I wish to forget everything, I want to set myself free
Go somewhere where no-one knows me
Go somewhere where nobody loves me, hates me or treats me with indifference
A far away land where my eyes can rest peacefully in the lap of my resurrection..

Just Mine..

Sitting by myself on a beach one night

I gaze into the lights showing far away on the other side of the coast

I wish the people around me could vanish

Their noises and laughter to fade away

For me to be here all by myself

The lights to dance for me, just me

The waves to rise and slid under my bare feet, just mine

The sound of the waves crashing to whisper in my ears, just mine’

And for you to sit beside me, for your love is all mine, just mine!

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